Oh no, a penis-powered game from Japan is coming to a virtual reality headset near you

I’m super pumped about Oculus Rift and the associated peripherals that will no doubt follow. So pumped that I’m already planning a “Rift Room” in my spare bedroom, like the Dreamatorium in Community, but less emphasis on the power of imagination. However I will occasionally leave my Rift Room to experience the world, and other people in all their glory.

If leaving your own version of a Rift Room is gonna prove too much, you can fulfill at least one human need by playing Custom Maid 3D. Not only does this game come with a controller that looks suspiciously like something that sponsored Joe Rogan’s podcast, but has now been announced to have Oculus Rift support!

Are fap-powered video games the future? I’m not sure, but this has to be the most intuitive video game controller ever. Although this came out in Japan in February, with OR support, it’s now basically as real as a home run’s gonna get.

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