Oh My God, The Steam Summer Sale Might Start Tomorrow

For PC gamers, the Steam Summer Sale is synonymous with picking up games that you’ve been wanting to buy but haven’t gone on sale, or you just flat out missed the sale. It is also synonymous with blowing as much money as you possibly can muster on games that you may or may not want. That is kind of the magic of Steam.

Like Half-Life was on sale this week and even though I’ve played the crap out of them and owned them on PC in the past, then owned Orange Box on Xbox 360, I still said, “well it is only $10 for the entire Half-Life series on Steam” and bought it. I might dabble around with them again, I might not. That is what Steam does to you with their sales.

So imagine a whole bunch of games on sale at Steam’s crazy discounts, but all collected into a short span of time. That is the Steam Summer Sale, and according to this email that leaked on Reddit, it is going down tomorrow, July 11th. It kind of feels like I’m preparing for war, but with my credit card.

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