Oh, China has lifted their ban on foreign gaming systems

But… But… I love the silly knockoff systems that come from China. What’s going to happen in gaming now that foreign consoles have officially been granted access to those red shores? Will we see Starcraft or MMO players drop off significantly? Will we get an MMO on a console immediately? Will these people be farming gold for said MMO? What. Is. Going. To. Happen?

A lot more games are going to get sold, that’s what. Well… Maybe.

Reuters is reporting that with this mass invasion of the consoles by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo into Shanghai’s free trade zone, a ban that has been in place for nearly fifteen years will suddenly pave way to a population buying these systems that on average makes just about more cash in a month than the cost of one of these consoles.

So maybe the knockoffs will stay, and we will still get to enjoy them?



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