Now THIS is How You Apply For a Job with Bethesda – Awesome Skyrim Mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is without a doubt one of the most epic games of the past few years. Just from beginning to end (if you ever actually get to the end, I mean, sometimes it feels like why bother?) Skyrim is masterful in immersing you in the world of Tamriel while you adventure around the province of Skyrim. If you play Skyrim on a PC, you already know that there is a really crazy modding community in place who come up with everything from new quests, new dungeons to giant penis mods and more realistic female models which can be nude, because, you know, that is what Skyrim needs more of.

Well, this 19 year old kid just spent the past year developing a pretty crazy mod for Skyrim called Falskaar and it is huge. How huge? It adds a new island to the game, which is approximately 1/3 the size of the full continent of Skyrim. On this new island there is a new main quest, new side quests and well, just about everything is new, obviously. It is said to be around 20 – 25 hours in length to complete, which puts it right up there with Dragonborn for added content into Skyrim. That is just crazy.

Why did this kid, Alexander J. Velicky, spend over 2,000 hours developing this mod for Skyrim? He wants to work for Bethesda. Considering his age and that this is his first mod, this is really something to behold. The mod was released over the weekend and people only have generally good things to say about it, as it is rather complete. There are over 30 voice actors, a new soundtrack, new character models and just about anything else that you’d expect from a full add-on.

If you have Skyrim on the PC you can check out the mod here.

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