November 8th is the Rumored Xbox One Release Date

So, we already know that Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4 on November 15th here in the United States, for a cool $399, but details on the Xbox One’s release have just not come to light just yet. A leaked email from Wal*Mart is pointing at the Xbox One being released on November 8th, though, which makes a whole hell of a lot of sense when you figure that they are going to want to beat Sony to market with their product and try to drown out the hype over the PS4 with the obvious media hype and fan support that the release of any new console will bring.

The email, uncovered by Kotaku, gives November 8th as the release date, which would mean that we could expect the flood of launch games out at the same time. Will the extra $100 price tag be too much for Microsoft to overcome their rivals in Sony, or will this earlier release date help to offset that and push the scales in their favor? I guess only time will tell, just like time will tell if this is the official release date or not.

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