Niko Bellic is Pretty Depressed about GTA V, Guys

I’ll be the first to admit that as much as I found Grand Theft Auto IV to be a fun game and I love the multiplayer, the actual story and the lead character, Niko, really didn’t endear themselves to me at all. This comes from a guy that loved GTA III as well as GTA: Vice City and even San Andreas, kind of. Grand Theft Auto IV just kind of felt like they were trying too damned hard to make a dramatic story and did so with a character that never really found a way to make gamers really care about him.

This video, which Rockstar themselves posted and found to be pretty awesome, shows Niko sitting at his computer in his apartment and watching the gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. You get to watch his reaction to it and see him sink deeper and deeper into depression as the video wears on. What is funny about this video, which was made by a fan and didn’t take millions of dollars, is that it shows a more human side of Niko. Niko shows more “character” in the span of this video than he did throughout the entire story of Grand Theft Auto IV.

I’m serious. This video actually says “guy who can’t escape his violent past” to me than all of GTA IV. Funny how that works, huh?

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