NBA Live 15 looks far better than last year

Basketball is such a form of masochism for me. My enjoyment of basketball hinges on the sad, pathetic New York Knicks. The false hope they always present me with time after time. They convinced me Stephon Marbury was the savior, then Eddy Curry, well surely Steve Francis will help us, we’ll at least we have the slam dunk champ, okay we have Melo now, oh wait… that failed too?

The Knicks are a miserable existence, only outdone by the people who openly root for them. Which is partially why I took a leave of absence from digitized basketball. That is until NBA2K was free on PS+ a few months back.

The 2K series has dominated video game basketball for quite sometime now. We saw EA step back into the world of NBA video games and the results were… well I’ll let this do the talking. The new trailer they dropped looks greatly improved, but will it play greatly improved? Hopefully we get some healthy competition in the NBA video game sphere. 

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