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Mike Tyson can’t even beat himself in Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punchout

I’ve referenced my old roommate’s inhuman Mike Tyson’s Punchout accomplishment over the years on MiddleEasy. In short, the guy defeated the entire game while highly inebriated, shirtless, and located entirely on the floor of my friend’s living room. With the new MiddleEasy, I’ve been trying to convince him to replicate that same feat and stream the entire thing live on the site. The only problem is my old roommate is doing some BS rehab since he thinks he has an alcohol problem. We don’t call those people responsible, folks. My old roommate is a quitter, and he needs to man up and learn how to drink adult beverages and accomplish things — like beating all of Mike Tyson’s Punchout as he streams it for MiddleEasy. Don’t worry, he’ll understand soon enough.

When I met Mike Tyson a few month ago, I told him my name was Zeus and he quickly responded with ‘What, Poseidon was already taken?’ Despite what you may believe, Tyson is a witty dude and if you get a chance to check out his one-man show, do so. You won’t be disappointed.

TMZ caught up with Mike Tyson a few days ago and asked him the question that we all wanted to know — can he even beat himself in his own NES game? Of course he can’t. Just more evidence that your 4th grade friend who picked his nose was right, the computer cheats.

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