MiddleEasy Gaming Chat: Gift Card Dilemmas, Nintendo is out of touch, Gary touches too much

At roughly 3:30 am EST this morning, a partially-assembled MiddleEasy editorial staff would converge upon Skype and the internet to discuss the pressing gaming matters of the day, IE. the widely-diagnosed ‘gamer stress’ that plagued them as regularly as a bowel movement.

The crux of MiddleEasy Gaming Chat Vol 1 is simple: Jason had Steam money gifted to him and he can’t decide what to buy. The conversation then shifts to Nintendo being completely out of touch with just about everything and Gary is way too in touch with his body.

Please, listen below. We made it for you. There’s no intro or anything, because we don’t believe in that. We are rebels and gentlemen. Rentlebels, if you will.

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