Meet the man with four Playstation 4s

I currently have about five Xbox 360s in my possession. I have my current one which I use, I have one of mine that broke (six times), my friend gave me two of his broken ones and another friend gave me his. Only one of these consoles works, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing with any of these consoles that don’t work. Maybe I’ll build a fort for my cat, I’m sure she’ll appreciate that, she tends to like creative gifts. Maybe I could make some sort of abstract art with it? I could envision myself being the Banksy of the video game world.

Regardless, I am incredibly short of having 360 Xbox 360s. This man does on the other hand have four Playstation 4s. What he does with them, is rather interesting and makes me incredibly jealous. For no other reason than saying that you have four Playstations 4s is pretty baller, if you ask me.

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