Major Nelson Wants You to Feel Comfortable Around Your Xbox One

The Xbox One has been out for a few weeks now, which means you either have one and are like Jason and playing lots of sports titles and mildly enjoying some of the launch fare, you are wondering why you spent $500 on a launch console to play barely upscaled versions of games from a few months ago, you couldn’t find one and are jonesing like a junkie, or are cackling from your fortress with your PlayStation 4/PC/Wii U/ColecoVision. There are basically a ton of options here, okay? Anyway, if you have the massive, VCR-looking Xbox One monolith staring up at you while the Kinect sensor scans your junk, it might be a good idea to get to know this box that is going to take up residence within your living room for the next few years.

This is where Microsoft’s “Major Nelson” Larry Hyrb comes into play, as he is known for not only being a dude with a funny name, but a dude with a funny name that likes to help everyone out with their Xbox experience. So Microsoft has released this handy dandy YouTube video that promises to help you get to know your Xbox One just a little bit better, because god knows Microsoft’s tile aesthetic is weird to get around or just to look at. I recommend watching this on your Xbox One so that you will then put Larry Hyrb in direct control of your Xbox One and make you feel awful.

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