Latest EA Sports UFC Patch Brings Yoel Romero to the World

The modern age is wonderful. High speed broadband connections and the digital age is tuning how we now live. How we view things. Our animalistic nature is still there though. We’re consumers, but that’s not how we were designed to be. As cavemen we took, and that’s still there. We all want something for nothing and even when we do get something for nothing, our finely tuned entitlement is there to speak up and bitch about it.

EA Sports UFC was designed by the Care Bears or something. Never have I seen a group of EA workers so desperate to give away content! No matter how little. With each passing update there’s shiny new stuff. A throwback to our cavemen roots, by giving us a god damn caveman of beastly proportions. This update allows you to play as Cuban wrecking machine Yoel Romero. Man that was recently knocked out by Tim Kennedy, and somehow still won, by TKO. That’s incredible (I’m still sour about it OK?). That dodgy win aside, the man’s a beast and deserves to be in the game so we can simulate Jacare vs Romero one million times over.

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