Iron Banner is coming to Destiny tomorrow

Destiny is unfinished. The loot system sucks. The PvP is unbalanced. You have to have no life to be good at it. And [insert whatever overstated critiques of the game that are left here]. There. It’s taken care of, so you won’t have to complain about any of that stuff in the comments. We know. Destiny is an unfinished, overhyped product. But some of us are still having a lot of fun with the PvP. We have no idea what happens after Venus, or if Vault of Glass or other strikes are any fun, because we cannot in good conscience ask our friends to play the “campaign” with us. So we just blow shit up in The Crucible. Specifically “Control” because the other modes kinda suck with 6vs6. If you’re like us and spend most of your time in the Crucible then you should get excited about tomorrow.

The Iron Banner is coming back to Destiny! It showed up for a bit while the game in the alpha…or the beta…I don’t know…hours logged into this game combined with a Red Bull intake that borders on amphetamine usage has left my memory a bit fuzzy. So what is the Iron Banner? Well you know how all The Crucible modes currently say “Level Advantages Disabled”? In Iron Banner they are ENABLED. So all of the stats on your weapons and armor are in effect, and the level balancing that is in the regular modes has been hurled into the emptiness of space. Gear up. Complete those Exotic Bounties. Buy a shitload of Red Bull. Call in sick tomorrow.

There’s also some sort of attempt at a plot line with this Saladin dude? For more details about the differences in the Iron Banner playlist check out this guide from the folks over at

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