Iran’s 2013 computer game festival wasn’t the E3 Expo, but it’s a start, or something

Despite what all of my Persian buds in Hollywood have been telling me over the years, Iran will never be a place to spend Spring break. Tehran, the capital of Iran, may be the same size as Paris — but they still oppress their women by limiting education, and restricting their driving privileges which seems so bizarre coming from an alleged ‘developed country.’ It’s also tough to really support a country that makes their national female soccer team dress up like lab workers from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

In reality, Iran is a really horrible country. However horrible you think it is — it’s actually worse. They literally screw up every attempt at diplomacy by doing backhanded deals with Russia. There’s no amount of words that can be typed in the comment section to defend or justify Iran’s actions. If you guys think Texas has an execution problem, just look at Iran’s track record.

I guess this video of the 2013 Tehran Computer Game Festival is some form of progression from a country that seems to be permanently stuck in their antiquated ways. That’s good considering the fact that most American-made games won’t even make it into the country this year. Check out what went down this past weekend at the festival and props to AFrontKicktotheFace for the find.

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