“I Am Street Fighter” is the best 72-minute fighting game documentary you may ever watch

I always respected Street Fighter from a distance. Growing up, I was a Mortal Kombat guy, but I still played Street Fighter (specifically the Championship Edition on Genesis) because that’s just what you had to do to survive in 1994. You couldn’t just be a gamer back then and not have a few characters to call up at a moment’s notice across multiple games and consoles, so I would put in my time with the game. I enjoyed it. I don’t really play Street Fighter much anymore, but it’s hard not to recognize it as a staple of gaming as a whole, so this documentary dropped for free by Capcom pretty much entranced me from start to finish.

It’s been twenty-five friggin’ years since Capcom released arguably the best and definitely the most influential fighting game of all time, and in honor of the milestone they put together this absolutely fantastic documentary covering the entire history of Street Fighter. You may be tired from Labor Day BBQs, or from thrashing to dark metal after Josh Barnett’s win over Frank Mir, so relax and watch “I Am Street Fighter.” You’ll enjoy it, I promise.

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