Hey, Remember that GTA V Online Stimulus Package thing? Us too

So if we are all honest with ourselves, the last month of GTA Online has been both incredible and frustrating, sometimes at the same time. In concept it is an amazing feat; you can play GTA V online with your friends, do different missions and types, buy property, etc. The only problem has been, well, there are a lot of problems, actually. The problems are everything from servers being laggy to people getting stuck in the first few missions to players losing characters, progress, money, property and vehicles.

It is kind of difficult to really want to play a game after it resets your progress and you lose sometimes dozens of hours of your life into a black hole with nothing to show for it. Rockstar has been trying to apologize for this, saying that they were going to introduce a “stimulus package” for fans, which would be $500,000 which would be given to every player. It seemed like a nice gesture at the time, but the fact of the matter is that it still hasn’t happened yet.

Since then it has sort of turned into the online gaming equivalent of Mad Max out there, as normally good players have gone rogue and are glitching the system to earn themselves money on their own. Rockstar has now made an announcement that it has been pushed back until they’ve fixed these glitches that keep popping up, but faith is dwindling fast in them. They also used this time to announce a “Beach Bums” addon, which will probably cost money.

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