Here are last week’s top 5 EA UFC knockouts

The MiddleEasy staff likes to experiment with their videogames, and EA UFC is no exception. It may be a testament to EA UFC’s fantastic stand up, or a reminder of its questionable ground game, but we’ve created an intricate kickboxing and now boxing league in EA UFC. We adjust the stats accordingly, with kick and punch speed maxed, while striking power goes down to 70. You then pump all of your health meters up to 99 or whatever. What comes out is a 72 overall badass that you need give an appropriate backstory full of innocuous details. 

For example, February Bailey is a heavyweight kickboxer with a heart of gold. When he isn’t kickboxing in a cage with 4oz gloves, he’s a cheese specialist at the local Whole Foods in Madison, Wisconsin. Then we have Jimmy Forte, or Vermont Campbell, all outcasts and rejects until they found their home inside a steel cage, where they fight up to 5 times a night regardless of injury. It’s a tough life, but the 2K to show money isn’t bad when your fight hundreds of times a year.

Here are the top 5 knockouts in EA UFC for the second week of September, courtesy of MMA Game:

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