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Here are the free games for PS+ in September

Listen, writing weird quirky pieces about PS+ and the free games they give out each month gets tiring after a while. I love the service and get excited about it each month, but I run out of things to say. So instead I’ll talk about this fantasy football league that myself and Jason Nawara are in.

I got the 2nd overall pick, I wasn’t exactly happy with it, I think there’s enormous value late in the first round. If you’re drafting at the tail end of the first, you get to nab someone like Dez Bryant and Julio Jones, two guys who will put up absurd numbers this year. Regardless I ended up with Jamaal Charles, Shady McCoy went first. In the 2nd I took Gronk, who if healthy is without question a first round talent. He has 42 touchdowns in 50 games over his career, he’s going eat. I’m sure you’re all already bored of this nonsense, maybe we’ll give you updates about how badly I embarrass Jason in this league. Wait and see.

Anyways, here are the free games for PS+ in September.

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