Here are the free games coming to PSN in December

So the Steam sale is here, now Black Friday, a few more days away from Cyber Monday… Things are about to get BUCKWILD in the land of cheap affordable digital entertainment and I mean REAL BUCKWILD.

Although we all know the feeling of this time of the year coming up, seeing deals that you know you shouldn’t buy, but you do anyway. You justify it by saying, oh well I can’t afford not to buy it, it’s so cheap, then you do it for a few other things, whether it’s for yourself or for others, you end up spending more money than you wanted to or could really afford.

Well I have some good news. Playstation Plus subscribers still get free games each month, so maybe when you want to buy that last game, you’ll hold back and realize you have some free games on the way.

This month the games are as follows


Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition

Secret Ponchos


Hitman HD Trilogy

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

PS Vita

Final Horizon

Titan Attacks!

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