Halloween Special Stream: Project Zomboid: Day 1

Project Zomboid is a game I would never stop playing if there was multiplayer. As it is, I only play it once in a while. Actually that’s a lie, I played it plenty a few months ago, but I always became too scared and decided the stress wasn’t worth it anymore. But Halloween? Halloween + stream = with you guys telling what the hell I should do in this hardcore zombie apocalypse – stupid running zombies, and nothing but Romero zombies = pure joy, frankly.

Today is day 1, in which I simply spawn a character and quickly show you guys the game. I’m doing this late at night, so I will have the replay below. Tell me what my tactics should be when I wake up (if I wake up) on day 2.

The replay is below. A recap:

I got really lost at first, and as I wandered through the woods, I came upon a farmhouse that seems like it’s completely out of the way of any hordes. I surveyed the surrounding area with my trusty baseball bat, and now I’m back near the spawn point. It’s raining, a horde of zombies are outside the house I holed up in to survive the night, and I’m scared. Tomorrow, I will try to make it back to the farmhouse in one piece.

The replay is up now. It didn’t record my talking through what was going on, which is okay I guess, because I screamed like a girl a few times.

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