Guacamelee Will Be Coming to the Next Generation

Guacamelee is one of those games that I had heard about for a long time, had heard friends who are way into indie games talk about it being awesome and I kind of wrote it off. Sure, it’s a “Metroidvania” kind of game but with a luchadore who does awesome pro wrestling moves, which is something that I could easily become obsessed with, and sure it’s cheap, but for some reason I never bothered with it. I saw it on sale on PSN recently and said, oh, what the hell and bought it.

Well, I felt like a moron for not doing it sooner as the game’s style is immense, it’s super fun to play and every tiny detail is amazing. It’s one of those games that I heavily urge you to check out if you are into the Metroid or Castlevania games or if you are really into lucha libre (Perrito is still the best, okay?). If you are like my good friend Ryan, you immediately sold your PS3 and bought a PS4 only to find that it might not be the greatest idea to do that, but never fear, games are going to start slowly coming to next gen consoles and Guacamelee is one of them.

According to rumors, Guacamelee will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon, with some amped up visuals and possibly new content. Take into account that it’s not the most expensive game in the world either and you have yourself a game you’ll play a lot in a world of games that you probably aren’t playing a lot on Xbox One and PS4 (c’mon, be honest). [Source]

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