GTA V’s Trevor Philips is real and he’s carrying a dead body around California

Is it a crime that I enjoyed GTA IV more than GTA V? It’s not as if I disliked GTAV, it’s just that with having so three different characters, you didn’t get to really delve into a certain one, all the development of each character felt super abrupt to me. Even with this in mind, Trevor still stood out as something special in GTA V. No matter what, your eyes were always drawn towards him. He had an interesting dynamic and I almost hope that there is DLC that explores him more, just to get to know more of his back story, how he came to be. Luckily, Nathan Barnatt, the man behind Keith Apicary, gives us a look into what Trevor is really like.

This brings up a more important question than just Trevor. What video game characters do you wish were real? I think Doc from Punch Out has to be up there, as I have no doubt in my mind, that he’s capable of turning anyone into an unstoppable killing machine. Yoshi has to be up there as well, because nothing is cooler than riding a dinosaur that will eat everything in sight. Solid Snake is another fine choice, because he’s Solid Snake, but it begs the question, would you rather have Big Boss? I think I would, I CAN’T ANSWER THIS! It’s making my brain bleed, which is normal for me, it’s just bleeding a lot more than it normally does.

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