GTA: San Andreas HD on Sale on Xbox 360 This Weekend For Under $4

So this weekend marked the tenth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and to commemorate that, Rockstar has released a new “HD” (read: 720p) version of GTA: SA on Xbox 360. Oh, and they didn’t really tell anyone this, but it’s apparently on sale until the 27th of October (read: Monday) for $3.74. That is most likely a 75% sale, for those of you who are into math and stuff, which means you should pick it up now if you want to give it a whirl.

Maybe you can do better than I did when I played it years and years ago and got frustrated at “Flight School” and decided that I didn’t care about the damned game anymore, then tried to pick it up again a few years later from the same point only to remember why I put it down in the first place. GTA: SA was an awesome game, even with that mission and some of the weird RPG elements, so it’s definitely worth the under $4 price tag that it’s on sale for right now.

Do it. Do it NOT.

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