Gamers are doing some incredible things for charity right now, like beating Punch Out blindfolded

Never underestimate a gamer. We will do strange things, yes. But we will also do strange things for charity. In fact, we’ll do exactly what we love doing for charity, then sometimes throw in a silly little wrinkle to make it truly special, like defeating Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, a game that’s tough to beat on its own… Only blindfolded.

I used to be impressed when my old roommate beat Punch Out drunk, but unless he was blackout drunk, I don’t think it compares to this video of a gamer beating Punch Out blindfolded. Actually, drunk might be harder. Still, it’s impressive. Here’s a run from earlier in the year, followed up by the speed run live stream which is raising money for cancer awareness that’s going on RIGHT NOW. Currently, they are pushing a million bucks and are playing Wind Waker HD.

Live stream below!

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