Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V was released this morning, and we KNOW you want to watch it

For months I’ve been on a ravenous pursuit to complete every game that has been lingering around my Xbox 360, along with finishing every half-written screenplay that I’ve been toying around with for the past couple of years. When September 17th hits, I might as well be a monk isolated on top of a hill in Tibet because the world won’t hear from me for weeks after that. Technically we should close MiddleEasy down for that first weekend when Grand Theft Auto V comes out. Let’s face it, you’ll be doing the same thing to. We can’t imagine a scenario in which you will emerge from your cave to read MiddleEasy while you’re in possession of GTA V — and we’re cool with that.

This morning Rockstar grabbed your heart, attached it to a chain and used it like flail with this five-minute tease of actual gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V. We know you want to watch it, so behold, your addiction for the remainder of your life (or at least until GTA VI comes out).

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