Final Fantasy 6 is twenty years old, so you must listen to this Wu-Tang/FF mashup

So twenty years ago Final Fantasy 3 was released on the Super NES. If you played it, you’ll remember Biggs and Wedge on a snowy tundra, surveying the area in their mechs. From there, one of the greatest videogames, no, stories of all-time unfolds. Through a convoluted Japanese/American release system, we now know that Final Fantasy 3 was actually Final Fantasy 6 in Japan, we just didn’t get 3,4 or 5 in the states until many years later. This 3-6 numbering was the bane of every weeaboo and Final Fantasy fanboy for years, but that’s because we never knew that 3-6 fit perfectly with 36 Chambers.

2 Mello, a dude from Lexington, Kentucky has mashed up Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers with the soundtrack to Final Fantasy 6 in honor of the game’s twentieth anniversary, and it’s utterly fantastic. The only thing missing is pouring a Phoenix Down on ODB then throwing a liquid buster sword to him in his time of need. The entire album is below.

And if you want more, 2 Mello also mashed up Chrono Trigger with Jay Z to make Chrono Jigga. You can listen to it on 2 Mello’s site, here.

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