End post-apocalyptic harassment! A Hilarious DayZ parody of “10 hours of walking in NYC as a Woman”

DayZ is a groundbreaking game. But not because of its beautiful, sweeping landscapes, or its players’ abilities to test their survival skills against a mostly harmless horde of sparsely-scattered zombies. The game’s most interesting contribution is its ability to facilitate social experiments, testing an array of scenarios that occur when total strangers, armed with guns, meet in a world without the potential for a life-saving 911 call.

In this video, a clever gamer parodies “10 hours of walking in NYC as a Woman” DayZ-style. In the original video, which has scored over thirty-three million views, a woman in New York gets intermittently creeped on by a host of real-life, non-zombied adult males. One even follows her silently for several minutes as we wait for him to agro and ruin all the items in her backpack. To be fair, several of the men appear to simply wish the sensitive rambler a kind hello, harmless gestures she weirdly equates to “verbal street harassment.”

Life in DayZ is a little more cut and dried. Because there is no question: if you wander the streets of Chernarus in a pair of tight-fitting jeans, you are clearly begging to get force-fed a rotten banana or get handcuffed by a man in a burlap mask who has trouble vocalizing his love.

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