Elder Scrolls Online has one hell of a great cast of voice actors

Alright, I don’t know if this violates an NDA we signed, but I love Elder Scrolls Online. I’m going to play the absolute hell out of it when it launches. Now, it’s not any genre-busting MMO, or WoW killer. It’s just the next Elder Scrolls game, plain and simple. If anything, it’s a TES game with an MMO skin. No, wait. It’s an MMO with a TES skin, and it doesn’t advance the MMO genre in any way, but it what you want is a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game where you can’t steal tons of ultimately useless items, then ESO is for you. 

It also has a veritable ****-ton of amazing voice actors that guide you along your journey. They include:

John Cleese (Monty Python/being amazing), Bill Nighy (Sean’s stepdad ‘he’s not my dad’ from Sean of the Dead), Kate Beckinsale (from that one thing with that guy), Michael Gambdon (Dumbledore) and Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange, Wing Commander).

As much as I want them to delay the game’s April release so I can live my life and see the sun a little longer, I just can’t wait to get back to Tamriel.

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