Destiny Mysthbusters – Episode 2: Can you get a headshot with a grenade?

Oh Destiny, what a confusing game you’ve been. After being promised to be the biggest game that Bungie has ever made… well that’s not a lie. It’s just the Halo games weren’t that big in the first place. Which has left the single player experience for most gamers, starving for more. Yet, I find myself not being able to put it down, it’s odd. The only way I can describe it is… it’s the best mediocre game that I can’t put down. It’s become the game I play when I just want to listen to podcasts. It’s become the game where I just talk to friends and socialize. It’s become the game where it takes a backseat to whatever I’m doing. So… I guess the game is a success? Even with the lack of content, the putrid end game leveling system, the absence of any cohesive story to speak of. I’m still playing it, so good on you Bungie. The groundwork is there for a fun franchise, the first game hasn’t been perfect but the mechanics are there.

Speaking of Destiny, the guys at Defend The House are at it again with another Destiny Mythbusters.

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