DayZ Diaries: Day 6 – Forcefeeding purified water and delicious food

After days of camping out the airfield, waiting for wayward travelers to come to the military beacon of hope, we have decided to move south to Berezino. Not really out of any real need to get down there, we have all of the food, water and equipment that we could ever need, but maybe out of a sense of adventure. We have a taste for blood now after staying at the air field for such an extended period, and our humanity is leaving us. 

I don’t really want to just… Execute people. I feel bad taking the lives of these adventurers that are probably just like me, wanting to have fun. But sometimes killing everyone you see is the correct move in a game like DayZ. It’s just not worth the risk. 

But there’s a difference between taking someone out that’s a few hundred meters up and carrying a weapon and binding a man’s hands, then force feeding him purified water and some fresh food. That’s like reverse torture in DayZ, and we did it.

“You like that? You like that water? That’s purified water I’m forcing down your throat.”


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