DayZ Diaries: Day 2

Last we checked I ended my life by vaulting from a 7th story apartment building after being bit by a zombie. I’m a team player, what can I say? To keep the narrative cohesive, I respawned and continued along the path I originally set out on to meet up with the rest of my band of survivors. I began to the east of Elektro, then moved my way north past Solnichny and cut west to get to Orlivetz. Chris, Javi, Nick and Mark were in the far north, and had been raiding an airfield for weapons and supplies. Dave was coming from the south, half-starved, without water, and in nothing but a T-shirt and jeans (all the southern cities were looted). Dave would succumb to the elements soon if we didn’t get to him. 

The video will pick up with me about a mile south of Polona. I’m about to starve as well, so I called on Chris to come bring me some food. What transpires over the next few hours is a fantastic raid on a major city and us finding a warm apartment outside of a grocery store, in which we take pictures of each other waving happily. 

Oh yeah, we also experiment on Mark using an IV bag and saline.


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