DayZ Diaries: Day 1

Finally, after a year of waiting, DayZ is here. If you’ve spoken to me on Twitter about my love for DayZ, you’d know how excited I am for this entire launch. Yes, the game is in alpha, yes the game is buggy, but I’m fine with giving Rocket and Bohemia Interactive all the help they need to get this project where it needs to be.

After DayZ launched on Monday, my old crew of survivors picked up the stand alone and we began our journey to meet up. It was difficult, with bugs and server restarts screwing us over, but after things settled down, we put some boots on the ground and made some good distance.

I recorded the first half of my journey last night. It didn’t end very well (suicide is only the answer when you’re bit by a zombie) but it was still a hell of a lot of fun.

Watch us screw around on the shore and get our bearings in this first entry into the MiddleEasy DayZ Diaries. Want to join us? Ask yourself these questions: Are you trustworthy, and can you keep up?

Oh yeah, and you can watch me beat a man to death with my bare hands around the 2 minute mark.


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