DayZ Alpha is Available on Steam and Over 172,000 People Have Bought It

DayZ was this crazy phenomenon that went down last summer in PC land when Rocket from Bohemia Interactive released a mod for ArmA II that was all about surviving the zombie apocalypse. If you understand ArmA games at all, you’ll understand why it soon became a huge thing, not because it is this complete game mod or that it had so many options available, but because the community of hardcore fans made it something special. Surviving the zombies wasn’t the big deal, it was surviving the griefers in the community or it was sharing the small moments with other survivors before you moved on.

The DayZ standalone has been discussed for months and months now, with it finally being released yesterday to mild fanfare. That didn’t stop the community from quickly hopping onto Steam and making it the best-selling game on the platform. I’m honestly surprised that Jason hasn’t written about this yet, then again, I know that this is pee-his-pants material and that every waking minute will be spent thinking about and playing DayZ even though it is in its early alpha phase.

So how many copies have been sold in 24 hours? 172,500 or so. Probably more by now, which is just crazy for a $30 alpha that promises to be buggy and about a year away from a full release. So if you want in on some buggy zombie action, pick it up on Steam and try to hunt down Jason Nawara, as I hereby place a bounty on his head. The reward is getting an article written about you heralding you as the Hero of Chernarus. [Source]

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