Damn, PC modders have completely recreated GTA V using GTA IV

For people that are unaware of the GTA IV modding community, there’s just an innumerable amount of really slick hacks that have been created for Grand Theft Auto IV, like this Incredible Hulk Mod in which you can play the gamma radiated hero as you stomp, smash, and punch through Liberty City. Of course there’s also an Iron Man mod that even comes with a fully updated HUD that appears as if you’re viewing the game as Iron Man. Zombie Apocalypse, playing as Ghost Rider — for a game that came out six years ago it’s amazing that’s it still has this much support.

What the gaming world has been waiting for is a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, and judging by Rockstar’s response, it doesn’t look the game will be coming to next-gen, let alone PC anytime soon. However this hasn’t stopped people from literally recreating GTA V on GTA IV. Wait, was that a proper use the word ‘literally?’ Egh, regardless check out this clip of Los Santos using Liberty City, wild stuff.

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