Cube World Alpha is Available – A Delightful Mix of Zelda and Minecraft

I feel like these days that most of the better games that are being released are coming from smaller, independent studios. There just seems to be a wealth of creativity and unique art styles coming from the smaller developers, as opposed to trying to make everything uber-realistic and everything having a Jerry Bruckheimer script with endless gunfights and explosions. That is what made a game like Minecraft so refreshing when it came out; you could do just about whatever the hell you want to do and no one could tell you that you were playing the game wrong or that you weren’t getting the full Minecraft experience.

Cube World is explained as a kind of mixture of Zelda gameplay with Minecraft-ish visuals and it seems like a rather apt explanation for the game. The game if procedurally generated with voxels and is completely open world and different for everyone. All of the stuff in the game is kind of randomly generated, so you’ll have random towns, cities, people and dungeons.

You can purchase the Alpha of the game right now and you’ll be fed all of the updates for the game as they happen. It is still in the early stages, obviously, but it looks like a lot of fun for $20.

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