CNN Decides to Debate if Xbox One or PS4 will Dominate. Seriously, They Did This

If you play video games and turn to the internet every once in a while, for your higher power only knows what reason, you will find a lot of people arguing and making a big fuss about why their favorite will crush your favorite. It reminds me a lot of the arguments that kids have when they are younger about whose dad is tougher or stronger. I just want to tell you that my mom is better than your mom and your dad, too. Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can discuss if the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is better (sorry Wii U, you aren’t involved in this equation).

Apparently CNN Money decided to troll for hits by delving into offering their opinionz4u on gaming, which results in two rather pedestrian “Five Reason Why…” lists, which I thought you only found on the saddest corners of the internet gaming community.

The first one was for the PlayStation 4, which argued the following points:

1The Price

2The Brand

3The Power

4The Developers (basically just Naughty Dog)

5The Indies

Those are some decent arguments, I guess. The price is indeed cheaper and the PlayStation Brand has been around for a while, selling millions of units. The system does seem to be more powerful (c’mon that DDR5 RAM, my god), yes. Will Naughty Dog alone sell people on a console? Maybe, maybe not. Xbox One will also be supporting indie developers, so expect to see indie games in as many places as possible to maximize earnings potential, which means PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Then came their argument for the Xbox One.






Okay, now this argument just seems to be borderline trolling. Sure, we all understand the draw of Halo, although I’d argue that Halo has gotten to be a bit played out. Halo 3 was where it should have stopped, yet, here we are. As a Kinect owner I can honestly say that there is one good Kinect game, called Gunstringer, and just about nothing else. Microsoft’s $100 gamble to include a Kinect with the Xbox One might attract more quality developers, but as of right now, nobody cares. Titanfall will be on Xbox 360 and PC as well, so how does that sell Xbox One? Smartglass is a smartphone app that adds very little to anything. Sure, it can give you some basic information about a show that you are watching on Netflix, but so can a simple Wikipedia search on your phone. Then TV, which, I don’t know, if you have cable or satellite you might not really care about using your Xbox One as a DVR.

What do you think? Did CNN make a compelling argument for either side?

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