Cliff Bleszinski writes open letter to Phil Fish about leaving the gaming industry

Phil Fish is the Nick Diaz of the gaming industry. It’s as simple as that. (I’m also trying desperately to avoid contributing to the overuse of the term “polarizing”). The dude has an army of haters that seemingly go out of their way to try and antagonize him. He also has avid supporters whose mental stability hangs on the same hinge as his. He’s like Aquaman commanding an army of ill-tempered sea bass. This kind of rabid devolution also brings with it a sense of passion and drive that is unparalleled, and hard to find in a lot of other places. If you read the article we posted a couple of days ago, or follow gaming even just a little bit, then you already know that Phil Fish had a meltdown of van Gough like proportions, canceled Fez 2, then up and quit the gaming industry all together. 

So maybe it makes sense that one of the gaming industry’s other polarizing (damn it!) figures, Cliff Bleszinski (or Cliffy B as most have taken to calling him), has written an open letter to Phil Fish regarding his recent hardships, how to deal with internet haters, and why he needs to brush it off and finish Fez 2. Regardless of where you stand on either of these creators, Bleszinski actually has some decent points on the topic of Fish not needing to take his frustrations towards his naysayers and detractors out on the fans that have supported him, and have been eagerly awaiting Fez 2.

You can read the rest of the open letter over at Bleszinski’s blog right now. It’s worth the read. He even drops a Wolverine reference.

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