Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior Bringing Samurai and Spartans in New Chivalry Expansion

I make this no secret; I play a lot of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Like, a ton of it. It’s a pretty neat hack-n-slash game with some great mechanics tacked onto it, which make it a joy to play. There are three basic attacks; stab, overhead and slash, all of which are able to be comboed, blocked or parried depending on the skill of your player or your class. It’s a very, very basic concept, but when you actually learn the mechanics of the game and some of the intricacies the game is addictive and deep as hell. I mean, I used to hate the Archer class, but I’ve been playing as it a bit lately to do some unlocking and have found myself appreciating the finer points of the different bows and even appreciating the good archers out there.

There has been talk about an expansion pack for Chivalry for a while now, and while I’d rather that they shore up some of the persisting problems that the game has had, silly stuff like the server browser not always working or “Joining” a friend on Steam causing the game to crash, but you can’t win them all. I am happy that there will be some new life breathed into the Chivalry community and some fresh blood involved. There are new players whenever Steam puts the game on sale, but an expansion pack will really bring in lots of players, which means more servers and more mayhem.

Well, the news is out now and there is going to be some massive overhauls by the way of an expansion pack featuring Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior. This comes as a bit of a shock seeing as though Spike TV cancelled the television series due to poor ratings and that Spike had two video games and a compilation game made, all of which were kind of crappy. They are bringing the heat with their next iteration, though, as they turn to Torn Banner, the maker of one of the best, if not the best, melee combat game in the world. Today was the reveal, including opening of a new site for the expansion. Only two new “sides” were shown today, which are Japanese Samurai and Spartans. There are four other warriors in shadows on the page, which tells us that we’ll see more of them revealed in the coming weeks, which is cool. I do hope that they leave anything modern or gun-heavy out of the mix, though, as it would really kind of kill the game dead to have something like NAVY SEALS or Viet Cong featured here. I could easily see stuff like Vikings, Apache, Pirates (with crappy, short range pistols), Ninja and other characters featured in previous Deadliest Warrior games. No word on a release date yet, but expect it to remain PC exclusive for now.

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