Check out the Gamescom Demo of Bloodborne

Dark Souls is easily one of my personal favorite games of the past generation. It was challenging while 99% of the time being completely fair. The games core mechanics were so polished you always felt that dying was your fault. The challenge in Dark Souls never felt like some of the games during the 8 bit era, where the challenge was artificial to pad out the game.

Hidetaka Miyazaki the director of both Demon Souls and Dark Souls took on a lesser role for the development of Dark Souls 2. While Dark Souls 2 was a good game, in my humble opinion his lesser role was noticeable.

Well as E3 we found out why he took on on a lesser role, he has a new game in development for the PS4 and that game is Bloodborne. At Gamescom we got our first gameplay footage of Bloodborne and yup, it’s a Hidetaka Miyazaki game.


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