Broken Age – Double Fine’s Kickstarter Game – Needs More Money

As much as I’m excited about the upcoming Broken Age from Double Fine and Tim Shafer, I gotta be honest here when I admit that I’ve been incredibly hands-off when it comes to the Kickstarter updates and the documentary stuff that they’ve been doing. I’m not even sure that I signed up for a forum account where some of the minor decisions were crowd-funded to the people who crowd-funded the game. I just want Double Fine to churn out another awesome adventure game, if I wanted a hand in one I’d probably try to just develop it on my own, which would be a weird disaster.

Anyway, Double Fine raised a lot of money for “Double Fine Adventure,” now known as Broken Age, around $3.3 million to be exact. The original “delivery” estimates that they gave are now looked at as kind of comical, as they expected to “deliver” the game by Fall of 2012, with some of the extras coming by Spring of 2013. Well, it is summer now and they’ve finally given a more solid release window in their latest update, and it comes with a caveat; they need more money and time to finish the game.

Crazy, right? Apparently Tim Shafer doesn’t know how to make anything outside of an awesome game and planned Broken Age to be a really full, crazy experience like Grim Fandango or Full Throttle, and to complete the project they’d need until 2015 with a lot more money. Sigh. They’ve decided to release the first half of the game through Steam’s Beta program in January, with a full release later on. The second half of the game will come at a later date.

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