Broken Age Act 1 Launching for Backers on January 14th

Oh man, I’ve been waiting a long time for this, as have a lot of other people. Apparently the time is finally upon us for the Kickstarter that Kickstarted them all to finally deliver on at least part of the promise that was Broken Age. Double Fine launched a Kickstarter campaign in February 2012 for a new adventure game that they’d release on their own, as no big publisher seemed interested in releasing an old school point-and-click adventure game anymore. What they found was that there were still a lot of fans of the genre who were willing to put their money where their mouth is.

After that Kickstarter became a place for game projects to blossom from an idea into a fully-realized project with funding, when it was otherwise just a dream for most developers. Finally, after all of the waiting, those who backed the initial Kickstarter campaign for Double Fine’s Broken Age will get to indulge in the first half of the game, known as Broken Age Act 1, on January 14th. For those who did not fund via Kickstarter but still wish for early access (as it is technically a beta), they should be announcing how players can gain early access via Steam next week as well.

There are going to be some crazy expectations for this game, as it is the first adventure game from Shafer since the absolute classic masterpiece Grim Fandango, with the question of can this game live up to the hype hung around its neck like an albatross. Never fear, I got in on the funding of this and will have access to it so we’ll be sure to bring you impressions of Broken Age Act 1 as soon as humanly possible.

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