Blizzard is giving away their 1994 classic Blackthorne for free

I’m going to head over to to receive my free copy of Blackthorne after I write this article. I’m sure it will be a hilariously small download, and I will think about that for a while, then play and be happy.

I hope there’s controller support. 

I loved Blackthorne back in the day. It’s cool shotgun, the gore, the ahead-of-their-time animations for the main character. It was all so very underrated. Some people I knew had Blackthorne on Super NES, but in general I’m pretty sure Blackthorne suffered a fate that sent it into the obscure videogame vortex of sadness. But luckily for us Blizzard has reached it’s mammoth and godly hand into that vortex and pulled Blackthorne out for all of us to enjoy. For free, of course.

Watch gameplay, then go to and get it in your games account. You know you want to. Shotgun orcs and ****.

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