Behold the mighty Steam Machine in some of its glory

So you’ve probably already chosen sides in what we’ll label as the most futile and pointless war that gets resparked every few years, the Console War. We get it, not everyone has the money to drop down on every new gaming console that comes out and we all have this thing called “taste” that dictates what we like and dislike. I get not wanting a Wii U right now, I get not liking Microsoft or Sony’s brand of exclusives, so don’t worry, but I don’t get the fanboyism.

You know, gamers should really study at the Temple of Genki Sudo and learn that we are all one, from Nintendogs to Xboners to PlayStationers and even to the PC master race, there is no need to hate each other. Oh, wait, never mind, we got some more details on the Steam Box and can honestly say that it’s going to blow everything else out of the water. Sorry everyone, you can take your PlayStations and your Xbones, the Steam Machine is coming next year and it’s about the cost of an Xbox One and is pretty powerful.

I’m kidding, there really isn’t anything better than the other, but we do have some new details on the upcoming Steam Machine, at least one of them, and it all sounds pretty incredible so far. According to reports we are seeing, the first prototype from iBuyPower features an AMD-multicore processor, an AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU and apparently all of the Steam Machines will have 16gb of RAM and 3GB of VRAM. This particular Steam Machine features a 500gb hard drive and will be retailing for $499 starting next year. Note that there are going to be multiple kinds of Steam Machines licensed by Valve next year and if you already have a high-end gaming PC it might be a good idea to wait for a lesser one that will be able to utilize Steam’s game streaming options.

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