Battlepack! Attack – It’s Call of Duty time

Let’s pretend for a second that you’re no longer a man in his late twenties destined to play video games for pretty much the rest of your life. All of a sudden you’re thirteen again, Battlefield’s too complicated and you’re all too desperate to impress your elders. How do you do this? Well, if you’re thirteen, you do it on Call of Duty, by being a horrible little bitch mother from hell.

It seems like ever since day dot there has been a yearly Call of Duty game out. This year is no different, and it focuses on Advanced Warfare (think Titanfall with less mechs). Only this time in the spirit of innovation, they’ve taken what were essentially care packages and they’ve combined them with Battlepacks of Battlefield fame. This is demonstrated in the video below.

Now Call of Duty this year promises to be the best Call of Duty yet – and I’m half buying the hype, thanks to my pre-pubescent for the sake of this piece, brain. It’s got oodles of customisation, it’s basically what Titanfall wanted to be, and they’ve had the foresight to pinch bits and bobs from their main competition in Battlefield. This could be something special. Or it could be another Call of Duty.

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