Batman: Arkham Origins is getting the multiplayer treatment. Will it suck?

A Batman game with multiplayer? Holy [expletive], Batman! It seemed like pretty exciting news, because I was left wondering just how the gameplay of the Arkham series would translate into an online multiplayer mode. Would it just be a fun, old-school style beat ’em up? Free roam sessions? Maybe a combination of the two (ya know, basically what the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer should be)? Well as it turns out, the Arkham Origins multiplayer will be a completely different experience all together – a third person “tactical” shooter. *It seems a lot like the Splinter Cell multiplayer from years ago – Ed.

Matches will be 3 on 3 on 2, with two teams controlling either Bane or the Joker’s faction, and the other team consisting of Batman and Robin. How much relevance the contents of the multiplayer will have regarding the game’s actual story remains to be determined, but that Robin looks an awful lot like Tim Drake. Origins is set during Batman’s “early crime fighting years” so one would naturally assume that if they were to include Robin that they’d go with D**k Grayson. Of course, it could just be D**k Grayson in a more modernized Robin outfit akin to the one Tim wore before Damian showed up and usurped the mantle of boy wonder.

You can watch the trailer below and decide if you want to get excited for what looks like your typical run of the mill shooter, or greet it with some sort of apathetic response. Then again, the multiplayer in Last of Us turned out to be really fun, so who knows? If you want to know more details on how the multiplayer will work you can read them here.

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