A number of Xbox Ones may have a serious Blu-Ray drive problem

This past week has been quite a doozy for gamers. The release of the PS4 last week and the release of the Xbox One today. Last week there were reports of the PS4 getting the blue light of death, effectively bricking the console. This week, the Xbox One launched and it’s time for its troubles to be blown completely out of proportion! It appears that a small percentage of Xbox Ones have a faulty Blu-Ray drive. As of now, Microsoft hasn’t commented on the issue.

Let me just say this, I have no allegiance to any console, I was a huge Dreamcast fan as well as a PS2 fan, then I switched over to Xbox 360 and I’m probably going to purchase a PS4 when the time comes. There were a lot of Microsoft fanboys out last week boasting about the PS4’s bricking and there are a lot of Sony fanboys boasting about this issue. I propose this question, who cares? I realize you just spent $400-500 dollars on a piece of hardware and you might be skeptical about your purchase as that is a large sum of money. That doesn’t mean that you should be looking for any same problem in the rival system and then go trolling about it. It’s silly, let’s be honest, both systems are going to be great, they both are different in their own right and they cater to different people. So, let’s all calm down and realize at the end of the day, having both systems do well, will only benefit us, the gamers.

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