A guy used Portal’s ‘Still Alive’ song and the Portal Gun to propose to his partner

I had numerous opportunities to have sexual or romantic relationships with other men. While I didn’t pursue those opportunities, I was absolutely flattered that these men would be interested in me. I never asked them what they found so appealing about me, but I’d like to think that it was as Bloodstain Lane would put it “my aura and machismo.”

While I’d like to think I have an aura of a 70’s Roberto Duran, that simply isn’t the case. I have more of an aura of Otacon — the Metal Gear Solid 4 Otacon, he was at least more developed than in his previous games in the series.

With same-sex marriage becoming legal in more and more places, that means we get cute proposal videos such as this one. I, for one, welcome this, not only because same sex marriage is a thing that I believe in — because cute video game related proposal videos have gotten stale. I really think that this is going to lead to a whole new wave of videos to melt all of our hearts.

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