2K Reveals the WWE2K15 Superstar Studio Feature

Wrestling games are infinitely strange beasts. I feel that I’ve talked about this in just about every article about wrestling games that I’ve ever done on here. I know some people that follow wrestling games super closely, even though they don’t care about wrestling anymore. Weird, right? I don’t even know anymore.

There has been some concern over WWE2K15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In part it is because of how scaled back the game is on Xbox 360 and PS3 right now, but also because of the reports (and lack of) that have been coming out. The latest bummer that I’ve heard is that there are only 25 Created Wrestler slots. It almost seems illogical that a game that will be on these current gen consoles with lots of storage space would be so limited, right?

Then there was talk that the paint tool was being removed from the game. The paint tool was a valuable resource to getting a logo of something that you want into the game, but it was also a giant pain-in-the-ass. Resourceful fans would eventually put together tools for each game that would allow for you to export saves to your PC, inject the file that you want, then import it into your game and use it in-game. If you’ve ever explored some of the Community Creations in WWE games you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Like, seriously, why were there spot-on Keiji Mutoh trunks made by random players if those tools didn’t exist? It was nutty.

Anyway, 2K has assuaged some of these fears today by releasing new information about the Superstar Studio tools that will be available in WWE2K15. Finally you’ll be able to just import your own damned textures into the game without needing third party tools. This isn’t 2K’s NBA2K15 Face Scan technology, but then again, this looks to just work and allows for enterprising gamers who know how to work photo editing software to just do their thing without needing a peripheral camera to scan their face into a game only for it to look like a monster.

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