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Unknown UFC fighter Jarred Brooks has the worst take on R. Kelly

Unknown UFC fighter Jarred Brooks has the worst take on R. Kelly

We’re not going to lie. We completely forgot ex-UFC flyweight Jarred Brooks was cut by the promotion, along with every other 125 pound male fighter. This kind of bums us out.

Not that Brooks was cut but that the division just died and nobody really cared. There was no strikes or protests outside the UFC’s offices when they quietly let go of an entire division. You remember may Brooks as ‘that one dude who knocked himself out at some Fight Night you watched over the summer‘.

It’s true Brooks is that dude.

When not knocking himself senseless in the middle of the UFC’s trademarked Octagon, Brooks is busy on social media being social. Now that Brooks is no longer employed by the UFC, he has more time to fire off hot takes like this one below from Jan. 6, 2019.

So you’ve been fired by the UFC. You once knocked yourself out in a fight. And you decide this week would be a good time to defend embattled sexual predator/former R&B singer R. Kelly?

If Brooks is still with the UFC, is that big of fan of the music of R. Kelly, then why is he still with the UFC?

Not content with having just one trash fire opinion, Brooks tripled down on his defense of R. Kelly.

Nice use of the word fiasco…I guess.

Go on.

Oh God. He didn’t? He did.

Hey, at least there is no way Brooks could make it any worse on himself, right?

Yeah, we got nothing.

Ladies and gentleman, former or current UFC fighter Jarred Brooks accompanied by his horrible opinions on rape and sexual assault.

Important Update: In other news, Jarred Brooks is no longer welcomed at Subway. Who knew?

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