The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

UFC is an American MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) organization based in Las Vegas. Its the biggest and dynamic promoter of MMA in the world. Some UFC fighters netted the massive amount of money by entertaining the crowd both inside and outside the octagon. Not only that they also secure major endorsement deals with some of the largest brands in the world. Earlier fighters jump into Octagon for pride with few dollars, now they jump into the cage for millions. It’s hard to determine precisely how much money combat athletes earned. Listed below are the top UFC wealthiest fighters:

7. Randy Couture: $17 million

Randy Couture considered one of the successful fighters in UFC, and renowned for holding titles in multiple weight classes.

randy The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

As his career was near to end, he possibly stacked $1 million per fight. In 2008, Couture lost his UFC 91 Heavyweight Championship bout against Brock Lesnar, which was eight highest PPV draw in UFC history. Moreover his earing from fighting, he stepped into acting and appeared in three highly popular Expendables films. He also appeared in Dancing with the Stars and few Tv series.

6. Wanderlei Silva: $18 million

Silva professionally started his MMA career in 1996 and was part of some of the incredible fights in UFC.

wan-1 The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

Silva generated a huge fan base during his time as one of the highest paid stars in PRIDE. In Pride, he holds longest winning streak, most titles, and knockouts. When he transitioned to UFC, brought with him millions of fans. Despite his big fan base, his success in the octagon wasn’t continued, lost most of his UFC championships. With some narrow defeats, he continued to draw some huge PPVs and earned a massive salary. He Netted estimated of $18 Million in his career span, also owns a clothing line in Las Vegas. Moreover, a recent suspension for missing a drug test might shut off his ability to earn more or may lead to retirement.

5. Anderson Silva: $18 million

Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva is far most dominating, and one of the best known in the UFC history.

silva The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

Silva professionally started his fighting career in 1997, didn’t lose any fight for roughly seven years and on July 6, 2013, Chris Weidman defeated him Via TKO in the second round and finally ended his streak of the longtime title reign in UFC history. He holds the record of most knockouts, title defenses and longest career streak in UFC. Anderson became a huge draw on PPV and netted $18 million by the course of his fighting career. He is a highly recognized athlete in his home country Brazil and earned worldwide endorsement deals with Nike, Burger King, and blue-chip brands. Anderson is expected to face Kelvin Gastelum on November 25, 2017, in UFC fight night 122 at Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China.

4. Brock Lesnar: $22 million

Brock Lesnar is a winner of WWE, NCAA Wrestling, and UFC championships considered a high profile athlete and made it to the list of richest MMA fighters.

lesnar The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

After making a big name in WWE, Lesnar shifts his focus to UFC earn a lucrative deal. He lost his debut UFC bout, afterward won all his four bouts. In 2008 he defeated Randy Couture, won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar is responsible for the top-selling event of all-time for the promotion, UFC 100 and UFC 116. This event considered second highest PPVs draw ever in UFC, in UFC 116 he defends his title by defeating Shane Carwin and unifies the heavyweight championships. His estimated worth is $22 million with no major endorsement deals in hand. In the current year, a box office sensation Lesnar continues leading the WWE with nonstop wins.

3. BJ Penn: $22 million

BJ ‘The Prodigy’ Penn is considered biggest names to ever walk into the Octagon and among one of the best UFC fighters.

penn The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

He stacked a net worth of whopping $22 million throughout his fighting career. Penn is one of the few men who won the title in multiple weight divisions. Despite a less-than-stellar record of 16-10, he is not a winning fighter but remains one of the biggest draws in the sport. Penn comes from a wealthy family as well runs his blog His biggest UFC pay-per-view event ever was at UFC 94 where he competes against Georges St-Pierre in a rematch for the welterweight title.


St Pierre is the most prominent Canadian name in the UFC with a (25-2 MMA, 19-2 UFC) record and first fighter ever to retire as a UFC champion on a win streak. GSP was one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world before his retirement.

gsp-3 The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

The only spot in his title reign was his 2007 loss to Matt Serra but won his next 12 fights in the Octagon. GSP is considered the best UFC fighter and fought some of its biggest PPVs including his UFC 100 win over Thiago Alves. In his title defense, 8th time against Nick Diaz where he defeated him ranks tenth in the top PPV buys. Besides his fight earning he had some money endorsement deals with Under Armour, Gatorade, Hayabusa, and Affliction. He last fought in November and announced that he is voluntarily vacated the title and needed some time off. GSP made his come back again and expected to face UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping on November 4, 2017, at UFC 217 Madison Square Garden, New York.

1. Conor Mcgregor: $85 Million

UFC lightweight champion Conor ‘The Notorious’ Mcgregor (21-3 MMA, 9-1 UFC) is an Irish Professional MMA fighter.

conor-4 The Top 7 Richest UFC Fighters

He gained immense popularity in recent years. Recently he had his boxing debut against Legendary Floyd Mayweather, which he lost in the tenth round via TKO and considered a massive PPV draws. Most of his earnings come from this fight, not from MMA career. He appeared in promotion events of biggest PPVs in both boxing and MMA history. His rematch with Nate Diaz in August 2106 at UFC 202 generated an estimated  1.6 million buys in MMA. Should Mcgregor return to Octagon in 2017, is still an undecided, as who will be his next fight contender Newly Interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson or Nate Diaz. As per UFC president, Dana White preferred Tony will be the best option for Mcgregor in a title unification bout. Currently Notorious is the richest UFC fighter stacked Whopping $85 million.

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